Taste of Ellbee’s Boxes

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So many trips to the mailbox that ends in disappointment. bills, junk mail, political non-sense, and more bills. Well, now you can put a little fun back into checking the mail with a Taste of Ellbee’s Box. These creative boxes are always different and full of gourmet goodies, gifting finds, coffee, tea, sweets and of course something tasty from Ellbee’s Garlic! Things you never knew you needed, but suddenly can’t live without. It’s like Christmas only it comes as often as you like, and it makes a perfect gift to cheer someone else up! Buy one or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Ready to place you order? Our boxes comes in lots of variations so make sure you select each option before placing your order. The answers to these questions will gives us some insight on what your box should include!


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