In 1996, with a freezer full of beef, a jar of minced garlic and a spice rack, we created Ellbee’s Garlic Seasoning. Our one-of-a-kind moist, minced, garlic seasoning has grown to a family of eight different, delectable gourmet blends. We’re so happy to be helping families have simple, time-saving, delicious gourmet meals with all natural, gluten-free ingredients; and they’re made right here in America! Not only can you order online, we’ve opened a General Store to make it even easier to give it a try or rebuy…it’s the best buzz your food will ever have!

Now you can buy Ellbee’s seasonings and all the grilling, brining, and cooking accompaniments at Ellbee’s General Store in old-town Wentzville, Missouri. As you step into Ellbee’s old brick store, you’ll be transported to a simpler time, when soda and candy shops were the place for families to enjoy each other and have a sweet treat. With over 35 flavors of old-fashioned sodas, ice cream floats featuring Central Dairy Ice Cream, and a huge selection of chocolates and nostalgic candies, you can enjoy the slower pace of life and let your inner kid blossom. We’re easy to find and open late so join us for a bit of family fun today!

At Ellbee’s, we not only carry our full Garlic Seasoning line, we have unique gourmet finds, pastries, shared desserts, bulk chocolates, Central Dairy Ice Cream, herbal remedies, and a great variety of local gifts like décor and personal items. We’re already known for our extensive coffee and tea bar with quality and selection like no other. “This place is so much cooler than our normal coffee shop!” We hear that over and over and are so proud to give the gift of “community” to our community!

We have food too! If you’re hungry for a healthy, flavorful, gourmet breakfast or lunch on the go, we offer weekly breakfast and lunch specials to satisfy your taste buds and get you through the day feeling energized. Check out our menu, call in your order or stop in and browse while we make it. 636.887.2737

Come on in and see what’s new and fun in Wentzville. Let us be your new, happy family destination! We look forward to meeting you!